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Customer Attribution

Change your digital measurement and optimization game

When your marketing efforts span multiple channels and touchpoints, it can be tricky to know which elements are really helping you reach your audience and converting them into customers. SAP Hybris Customer Attribution is a multi-touch attribution tool that makes it easier to assess your marketing performance.

Our patented machine learning technology measures marketing activities and their impact on customers across all channels in real-time, so you can see what’s working, what’s not, and how best to optimize.

Marketing attribution lets you identify which various marketing touches influence or impact a customer’s decision to purchase. SAP Hybris Customer Attribution utilizes a collaborative game theory approach to analysis, for more accurate insights that can improve ROI.

Optimize with confidence by understanding the impact of changes before you make them.
Track optimization success and watch your business grow.
SAP Hybris Customer Attribution lets you organize data to align with your business needs, gain insight into the performance of each marketing touchpoint and immediately react to opportunities for growth. Get a better understanding of what’s really triggering customer engagement.

Customer Attribution: key features

Measure the incremental impact of all marketing elements simultaneously with machine learning technology.
Eliminate data descrepancies by capturing and enriching customer, marketing and media data from all sources into a single, user-level view.
Optimize with confidence with our predictive dashboard, so you know the impact of changes before you make them.
Drive optimal allocation of budgets in real-time with automated data feeds to all execution platforms.

Jet.com: Driving Customer Activation Using the SAP Hybris Customer Attribution Solution

When Jet.com wanted to increase its customer base while optimizing media spend, it turned to SAP.