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hybris: Omni-Channel Commerce Solution for B2C

Consistent, personalized shopping experiences surprise and delight consumers. They strengthen loyalty and drive sales. The hybris B2C Commerce application is one complete, omni-channel commerce solution that lets you deliver an exceptional customer experience via both digital and physical touchpoints.
hybris: Omni-Channel Software for B2C Commerce

Today’s always-on consumers create a challenge for B2C brands. They research on mobile, browse in store, connect with a call center, buy on the web, and so on. They expect a consistent, contextualized experience that follows them at every point of their journey.

hybris B2C Commerce gives you the ability to offer innovative, omni-channel brand experiences at every touchpoint, including PC, mobile, tablet, call center, point-of-sale and social media. Create the contextual, relevant engagements from the initial steps of research to customer-centric order handling experiences that inspire your customers to buy more.

  • What you see is what you get
    What you see is what you get. Business users can build, manage new web pages or modify existing with our Web Content Management solution.
  • Enhance the experience
    Enhance the experience. Deliver targeted, relevant content and options through our advanced personalization. Innovate as far as your imagination will take you.
  • Drive revenue with search
    Drive revenue with search. Our best-in-class search and navigation functionality allows you to browse and discover products and services you want.
  • Scale globally and go omni-channel fast
    Scale globally and go omni-channel fast. Stress less at peak times. hybris delivers best-in-class scalability and performance, thanks to our unique Architecture and Technology. Meanwhile, hybris B2C Commerce Accelerator with baked-in internationalization capabilities allowing you to be everywhere with a multi-site, multi-language, multi-currency experience.
  • Empower your business
    Empower your business. Execute robust product merchandising without IT involvement. hybris B2C Commerce gives power back to business users.
  • Drive engagement with communities
    Drive engagement with communities. Use SAP Jam Communities to directly integrate your online community with SAP Hybris Commerce. Attract customers, convert prospects, create loyal advocates and drive growth.




hybris B2C Commerce hybris B2C Commerce
Data Sheet
hybris B2C Commerce
See how hybris offers the tools you need to connect each of your touchpoints and unify commerce processes on a single, highly flexible platform.
hybris B2C Commerce
hybris Commerce Accelerator for B2C hybris Commerce Accelerator for B2C
Data Sheet
hybris Commerce Accelerator for B2C
Implement your B2C commerce solution in as little as four months. With our ready-to-use hybris Commerce Accelerator for B2C, launch quickly and be omni-channel from day one.
B2C Commerce Accelerator
B2C Commerce Accelerator for China B2C Commerce Accelerator for China
Data Sheet
B2C Commerce Accelerator for China
Learn how to expand your digital offering to Chinese consumers with a ready-to-use omni-channel commerce solution.
Accelerator for China
Every functionality we bring to them [customers], they are using. They use the website as a tool to prepare to shop in-store. They go online and check the brands in the store, check the hours, the products; they want to see online what’s in the store.
Alexandre Aubry, CIO at Groupe Galeries Lafayette Read More