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Media and Entertainment Solutions

Monetize the consumer experience across all channels with real-time, contextual, consistent, and relevant engagement – tailored to ever-changing customer demands. Give customers what they want on their terms, where they want it, and how they want it.

Broadcast, digital media, and print media companies need more effective ways to maintain continuous engagement with their audience and readers, to elevate loyalty and customer lifetime value. Continuous engagement means longer-term relationships, and leveraging the entire ecosystem by pulling in partner catalogs all the way through the customer journey. Maximize revenue potential by increasing digital circulation, monetizing ads, and ramping up B2B and B2B2C revenue.
Media and Entertainment
This is done through dynamic bundling with guided selling, digital subscriptions, usage and frequency-based entitlements, metered paywalls, intelligent promotions driven by real-time insight, and other breakthrough commerce strategies.

  • Subscription-based revenue:
    hybris facilitates subscription-based models for continuous commerce. Collect and analyze data, identify patterns, and leverage insights to personalize the customer experience, test new strategies, and continually monetize across all channels.
  • Advanced personalization:
    Improve customer engagement with a personalized, omni-channel shopping experience based on targeted content that is relevant to each customer, across every channel. Analyze user behavior and click-path data to test your assumptions on pricing and bundles, and optimize the overall user experience.
  • Dynamic bundling of digital products:
    Bundle digital and physical goods in a variety of ways. Offer flexible, tiered pricing and availability rules, and provide multiple purchase options within a single, seamless transaction. Let your customers create custom bundles, and enable self-service for account and subscription management.
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