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hybris Marketing Data Management

hybris Marketing Data Management is the foundation of the hybris Marketing suite. It helps to create full the 360 view of customer’s interactions and enable scoring them according to their implicit and explicit behaviour across all channels.
hybris Marketing Data Management

It’s already a challenge to convert large volumes of structured and unstructured data to make real-time insight-drive marketing decisions. First ensure the reliability and completeness of your data.

hybris Marketing Data Management gives you a single version of the truth across all interaction channels. It lets you score customer profiles and underlying interactions in real time – so you can drive engagement in a contextualized way, and seize marketing and sales opportunities fast.

  • Build up consolidated profiles
    Build up consolidated profiles. Merge explicit and implicit behavioral data from multiple channels to establish the most complete perspective of your customers and prospects.
  • Predict customer value
    Predict customer value. Score customers and interactions based on both unstructured and structured data, including sentiment score and buying propensity.
  • Be consistent
    Develop one customer view. Fuel all marketing applications with a single version of the truth, to target customers better and act on opportunities quickly.
  • Access deep insights
    Access deep insights. hybris Marketing Data Management leverages the platform services of the open SAP HANA platform, including predictive and data mining, text analysis, event stream processing and data integration.
hybris Marketing: Market to an audience of one hybris Marketing: Market to an audience of one
Solution Brief
hybris Marketing: Market to an audience of one
The hybris Marketing suite is a game changing marketing solution that enables individualized contextual marketing on an unlimited scale.
Market to an audience of one
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Tame big data with the right questions
Don Peppers (Peppers & Rogers) and David Cooperstein (Forrester) discuss how best to manage the explosion of customer data that's being faced by marketing organizations.
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