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B2B Commerce

hybris B2B Commerce: Align your business to your customers with the industry’s most modern multi-channel commerce solution

hybris B2B Commerce: the industry’s most modern multi-channel commerce solution

Your business customers’ needs are changing. As consumers, they have come to expect a highly personalized shopping experience whether they engage with retailers online, on their mobile or offline. These expectations are rapidly shifting how they expect to engage with your business. In short, they expect a highly efficient B2C-like experience when they purchase from you.
Are you adapting quickly enough?
Only hybris delivers a comprehensive B2B Commerce solution that gives your business customers a multi-channel shopping experience as advanced as the Web’s best consumer sites.

hybris B2B Commerce delivers a highly productive, state-of-the-art business customer experience to maximize conversion and revenue

  • Best-in-class search and navigation functionality including faceted browsing, keyword suggestions, and searchandising capabilities
  • Comprehensive and advanced personalization to deliver targeted and more relevant content
  • Self-service and online order management tools
  • Tools for buying efficiency, including routine/repeat order support and bulk ordering capabilities
  • Customer-specific catalogs and pricing
  • Multi-channel support which gives them a seamless purchase experience online, via mobile devices or offline (through your customer service team or in-store).

hybris B2B Commerce delivers robust functionality for business selling and buying

  • Web services integration to ERP solutions for credit checks, invoicing and more
  • Complex account management that handles multiple buyer and user roles and service requirements
  • Integrated sales quotation processes
  • Account credit limit management
  • Reduced support requests through self-service resources and content such as technical guides, user guides and product knowledge base
  • Easy integration with back-office systems and processes, such as your customers’ procurement systems, for seamless transactions and relationship management

hybris minimizes total cost of ownership with optimized processes and increased productivity

  • Get online faster with hybris B2B Commerce Accelerator – a production-ready, customizable, multi-channel framework designed for business-to-business trading
  • Support complex product catalogs, pricing logic and user/role management
  • Maximize your site’s SEO rankings with out-of-the box tooling
  • Support all channels including Web, mobile and even offline vehicles such as print catalogs
  • Increase your customer base and attract new business and revenue opportunities by giving large B2B enterprises access to your product catalogs and content through the PunchOut service
  • Rapidly deploy and manage multiple B2B sites on a single platform. Use existing catalogs, content and infrastructure to create custom sites and catalogs
  • Easily manage sites with multiple languages, currencies, brands, taxes and other regional requirements
  • Develop and manage content with a built-in intuitive Web content management system that includes effective workflow management.
  • Centralize order management capabilities to enable efficient omni-channel fulfillment
  • Deploy hybris B2B Commerce in the way that best fits your needs – either on-premise, hosted by hybris, or on-demand in the cloud
  • Enrich your product descriptions with high-resolution images and videos managed by built-in digital asset management (DAM)
  • Consolidate and manage all product content and attributes across all channels via native integration with hybris’ award-winning master data management product (hybris PCM)
Over 500 companies have chosen hybris, including some of the world’s best known companies selling to other businesses and to their channels:
  • 3m has chosen hybris B2B Commerce platform
  • Bosch has chosen hybris B2B Commerce platform
  • Bridgestone has chosen hybris B2B Commerce platform
  • Ericsson has chosen hybris B2B Commerce platform
  • GE has chosen hybris B2B Commerce platform
  • Grainger has chosen hybris B2B Commerce platform
  • Metro has chosen hybris B2B Commerce platform
  • Nikon has chosen hybris B2B Commerce platform
  • Thomson Reuters has chosen hybris B2B Commerce platform
  • Airgas has chosen hybris B2B Commerce platform
hybris delivers the flexibility, extensibility and scale you need for limitless expansion and growth
  • hybris delivers best-in-class scalability and performance for high-volume, high-transaction environments. Implementations in production support over 20 million SKUs and 6,000 transactions per second.
  • hybris B2B Commerce is built on the highly flexible hybris platform that is architected to be the operating environment for modern, always-on Internet applications. The platform provides a standards-based development framework on which anyone can build custom applications or extensions to the platform or hybris applications.
  • hybris supports multiple languages, currencies, and tax calculations for efficient expansion into new segments, markets, and geographies.
  • hybris supports additional sales channels, such as mobile or print, natively on a single platform.

Download the white paper evaluating the challenges and opportunities brought to  B2B Commerce
hybris delivers a first-class multichannel B2C experience to your B2B customers
hybris delivers a first-class multichannel B2C experience to your B2B customers