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Optimized Pricing Simulation

Turn pricing into a competitive advantage with our best-in-class simulation technology.
Satisfying today’s customers requires more than exceptional service; you have to tailor prices to their specific needs. With pricing simulation from SAP Hybris you can run simulations for new pricing strategies using historical customer data or statistical models of projected customer behavior, to see the effect it will have on any product or service. What’s more, thanks to SAP HANA in-memory processing, you’ll get your results quickly – another way SAP Hybris helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Factsheet: SAP Hybris Billing Pricing Simulation

Simulate pricing strategies to optimize revenue even before launching products and services. It’s a buyer’s market, and consumers are extremely sensitive to what they buy, how they purchase it, and how much it costs. How you price your goods and services directly impacts both your operational costs and consumer buying patterns. As such, effective pricing strategies must be considered holistically and targeted to the right audience.

Control and manage simulations from any device, anywhere and at any time

Run pricing simulations on actual historic customer data for maximum accuracy. Include projected customer consumption behavior models in your simulations.

Pricing Simulation: key features

Tailor pricing to your customers
Simulate different pricing strategies based on real, historical customer data.
Identify and model behavioral patterns
Define accurate pricing strategies for each customer segment.
Run simulations in‑memory
With the power of SAP HANA you can see the results of pricing simulations almost instantly, giving you rapid insight and reliable accuracy.
Reduce costs and risks
Make realistic and informed decisions by basing your pricing strategies on actual customer data.

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