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Master Data Management

A seamless cross-channel experience is impossible without the right master data management (MDM)
It is only logical that a consistent experience across channels requires a single centralized view of product and customer data.

hybris: master data management software for seamless cross-channel experience
Traditional e-commerce systems have only basic catalogs – they simply don’t have the tools to enable effective import, consolidation or management demanded by the volume and complexity of data in modern Web sites. Traditional MDM products were never designed to meet the demands of the internet:
  • High-volume real-time access
  • Rich data and digital assets
  • Unstructured content
  • Flexible data models
  • User-generated content
  • Variety of devices in multi-channel commerce


hybris White Paper: Managing Product Content for Omni-Channel Commerce

Leveraging product content and master data consistently across multiple channels is the key to meeting customer expectations and securing a competitive advantage for your brand. Watch this video from hybris to learn more about deepening relationship between product data and conversion.

The hybris master data management product, hybris Product Content Management (PCM), delivers consolidation and centralized management of product information and attributes across all channels, yielding:

Increased sales via

  • Superior faceted search and guided selling via improved management of product facets and attributes
  • Advanced search engine optimization
  • An improved cross-channel user experience, giving your customer one view of your company
  • Enablement of down-channel selling by more easily producing unique catalogs or sites per enterprise or reseller

Reduced cost of managing content via

  • Centralized management of unstructured and structured product content across all channels from a modern browser-based graphical interface
  • Seamless editing and maintenance of all content, images, and digital objects
  • Tools to efficiently manage attributes, such as category, price, promotion eligibility, language, geography, eligibility, etc.
  • Seamless management of data quality and consistency across markets such as ounces v. liters, Euros v. dollars
  • Consolidated collection and distribution of content from various systems, sources, divisions
  • State-of-the-art import and integration tool and strong supplier data onboarding
  • User-friendly GUI with mapping
hybris’ architecture is unique:
Only hybris delivers master data management on a single platform with its entire commerce suite. This means no integrations are necessary: data models defined and managed in MDM are automatically available for Web content management, cross-channel commerce, order management and customer service. This means much faster time to value, and a superior experience for your business users.
hybris ’ state-of-the-art use of entity data models enables easier management of packaging variations, as well as rapid and flexible bundling of products, or even disaggregation. This is especially useful with digital products and services, where content can be aggregated into a book or journal or disaggregated into chapters, articles, or even images within an article, all within the MDM module.
hybris PCM is built to scale. It is in production on some of the largest B2B and B2C sites hosting millions of products and handling millions of customers.
hybris PCM is a robust PIM (Product Information Management) product. Ventana Research, recognized for its sophisticated analysis of these products, ranks hybris comparable to the leading dedicated PIM products costing much more, and calls it a “Hot Product” for 2012.
Global Independent Report Names Hybris as Leader in Product Information Management (PIM)
hybris delivers PCM software solutions with the PCM datasheet
Product Content Management for Omni-Channel Commerce