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hybris product overview

The industry’s most modern, agile, comprehensive commerce suite.

For years, companies have created great multi-channel customer experiences using traditional technologies and practices.

The challenge in the future is to do this while

  • dramatically improving time to innovation
  • finding enough skilled technical resources
  • optimizing operational processes
  • managing total cost of ownership
hybris delivers a commerce software suite that is best in class, helping a company execute all its direct selling processes and present a single view and a unified experience to all its customers.
hybris: e-commerce platform helps  you to optimize your customers` multi-channel experience and manage data

hybris is the only enterprise commerce suite

  • Incorporating commerce for web, mobile and more for B2C and B2B including powerful search and merchandising, master data management (MDM) / PIM, order management, and web content management
  • Built on a single stack of modern, standards-based, service-oriented technology
  • Available in any deployment and pricing option, on-premise, hosted or on-demand in the cloud, perpetual license, pay for usage or revenue share
The result is native, inherent integration, delivering better functionality, better performance & efficiency, much easier expandability, extensibility and much lower total cost of ownership. This is why hybris is rated a “leader” among the top two or three by both Forrester and Gartner (read more).
Start anywhere and grow
We understand how hard it is for any company to replace legacy systems. With hybris, you can start from any function and evolve on your own schedule.
  • Multi-channel commerce
    • with hybris or existing data sources and order management
  • Master data management
    • for product information management or customer data
    • with hybris or existing commerce and order management
  • Order management
    • cloud-based order software-as-a-service
    • use existing commerce and data sources
    • often as part of a hybrid on-demand / on-premise configuration

Start small and grow
  • For companies of any size whose needs are not unique, and who need to get started quickly, we have created the hybris Commerce Accelerator, a production-ready multi-channel commerce system that is fully customizable including support for Web, mobile, call-center and order management, with optional B2B functionality
  • Businesses can go live with a world-class commerce system in just three to four months. Simply rebrand one of our templates and use our toolkit to integrate with your order fulfillment system and payment service provider.
  • The hybris Commerce Accelerator is available in a traditional on-premise perpetual license, hosted by hybris or on-demand (software-as-a-service) with a monthly fee based on usage or revenue share.

The hybris Commerce Suite is engineered for expansion, extension and scale. But you can start simple with the Commerce Accelerator.
As your needs expand, no platform expands more or more efficiently than hybris. Our modular, service-oriented architecture makes it straightforward to add or replace functionality. Some key external functionality is essentially plug and play:
  • Endeca
  • Adobe CQ5 Web content management.
Our comprehensive Java and REST API, Omni Commerce Connect, can be used not only to integrate with other devices or channels but also other functional modules or back-end systems outside of hybris. As your business scales, no platform scales more than hybris.
A performance leader, hybris manages:
  • 20 million SKUs on one of the largest online retail sites
  • Two million customers and 500,000 orders per day for one of the largest wholesale distributors
  • 2,500 stores in 44 global markets for one of the largest physical retailers. In just 4 months, hybris was deployed in 42 countries and now processes 6000 inquiries per second
hybris is the leader for multi-channel e-commerce solutions
Why Forrester ranks hybris among the top commerce platforms in the world
Download and learn more how OmniCommerce with hybris enables businesses
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