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Monetizing content with a perpetual digital relationship.
Whether you are publishing books, magazines, newspapers or professional or scientific content, you are acutely aware of the dramatic shift in the way that your readers consume your content. Yet the challenge remains – how do you capitalize on that shift? How do you monetize your content and dramatically increase revenue potential over print?

The Online Publishers’ Association predicts that 47 percent of Internet-using Americans will own a tablet by next year, up from 12 percent last year. And 61 percent of tablet users have purchased digital content (this is in addition to those who purchase digital content on PCs, Macs, TVs and game consoles). More consumers prefer to purchase their content over the Web from publishers, “contradicting conventional wisdom that distributing native apps through app stores is the best way to get consumers to purchase content.”

For all publishing companies, the online world presents tremendous opportunity, and the organizations that will dominate this space are those primed to adopt a new approach to digital commerce. As publishers move to digital distribution, they are transitioning to structured content creation and management in order to drive distribution to multiple consumer devices. Yet, many publishers may not realize that the transition to structured content also opens a whole new world of commerce opportunities: opportunities to cross-sell content, products, and services to readers, and to do so in a way that increases revenue over time by leveraging an increased understanding of customers’ consumption habits.

This future vision of publishing requires a future vision of back-end commerce technology.
It is possible for you to build all this new capability from scratch. But it is much more productive to start with a commerce platform that delivers product information management, merchandising, personalization, APIs built to enable your publication to create the relationship and user experience you want and – most importantly – the architecture and flexibility you need to innovate and differentiate.
Join us for a three-part webcast series – each less than 15 minutes long – that explores a new approach to digital content commerce. Learn firsthand about the tremendous opportunity from publishing industry luminaries.


Webcast 1
Driving Revenue and Retention for Book Publishers: Keeping Your Readers Reading
Today’s vast selection of mobile devices offers a variety of options with which readers can consume your content. In this webcast, Bill Rosenblatt, president of GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies, will explore:

  • The move from simple to structured content to enable display on multiple devices, and how it drives content personalization and monetization
  • How to move beyond content personalization to commerce personalization
  • How to move beyond analytics to create contextual commerce opportunities
Webcast 2
Driving Revenue and Retention for Periodical Publishers: Creating Lifetime Subscribers
Whether your magazines cover fashion, sports or business, there may be synergies and monetization opportunities that you have yet to explore. In this webcast, Bill Rosenblatt, president of GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies, will discuss:

  • How to leverage your investment in structured content to create cross-selling opportunities for your content and services
  • How to build long-term relationships with customers that result in increased revenue through targeted offerings based on consumption patterns
  • The power of encouraging impulse buying through seamless in-context microtransactions
Webcast 3
From Promise to Reality: Getting Digital Content Commerce Done Right
In this webcast, Moritz Zimmermann, hybris CTO, will discuss the key requirements for using digital content commerce to create perpetual digital relationships with your readers. You will learn:

  • Strategies for effective perpetual digital customer relationship planning
  • Key requirements to consider when evaluating digital content commerce options
  • Best practices to ensure fast, effective deployment
Monetizing content with hybris
hybris delivers a software platform and on-demand services that are ideal for building a perpetual digital relationship with your readers. Its commerce functionality is rated by both Gartner and Forrester as a “leader” and among the top three commerce platforms. In addition, we include capabilities that the others simply do not – capabilities essential to optimizing content monetization, including:

  • REST and Java APIs engineered for “headless commerce” means that your publication becomes both the user experience and the commerce experience – no shopping carts or traditional check-out required, leading to much higher conversion rates
  • A highly-rated, high-capacity, high-velocity real-time master data management module that can be the product information manager (product content manager) for all your editions, articles, supplemental material – anything you sell
  • Subscription capture capabilities
  • Complex bundling and configuration management to maximize marketing opportunities
  • Complex bundling and configuration management to maximize marketing opportunities
  • All built on a single modern, flexible technology stack with extensive use of open standards, engineered to give you the flexibility and integrations you need
  • Entitlement & Metering capabilities to keep customers engaged through „continuous commerce“
Learn more about the hybris Commerce Suite →
Beyond the print: how magazine publishers are using digital commerce